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The Profound API framework automatically measures several key indicators of your APIs and your system.

To access the Dashboard for your system:

  1. Navigate to the Profound.js IDE
  2. On the Home Ribbon, Click API Options and choose API Dashboard

This will open a new browser tab with the correct URL for your system.

As you will see, there are lots of statistical information shown here about the APIs and the server.

Much of this information comes from the open source project swagger-stats.

On the Summary View, below, the majority of this information is a summary of the API and the Profound.js service.

For developers, the most beneficial tabs are:

  • Summary - Shows general server statistical graphs: such as CPU, Memory, Request counts (above)
  • Last Errors - Shows all of the error requests, either from server or API logic.  You can drill down and see the request details.
  • Longest Requests - Shows all requests sorted by response time.  You can drill down and see the request details.
  • API Calls - Shows detail information about all APIs (example below)

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