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Documentation of your APIs is built into the API Designer.  When developing your API:

  • On the General Information panel you provide some level of information such as category, tag, summary and description.
  • In the Input and Output parameters, you describe those parameters and can optionally give them descriptions.

The Profound API framework takes all this information and bundles it up into an OpenAPI specification document.

All of your API are then able to be exposed to consumers along with all the documentation.

To get to the Documentation URL:

  1. Navigate to the Profound.js IDE
  2. On the Home Ribbon, Click API Options and choose API Documentation

This will open a new browser tab with the correct URL for your system.

  • This tool will show your APIs, their documentation, and allows users to try out your APIs.
  • This tool also provides other frameworks the ability to "import" these API definitions into their framework, for quick and simple integration.
  • If you have experience with Swagger UI, then this tool will be easy to pick up

  1. Use the left side to filter the collection of APIs
  2. Select to expand the API
    • The expanded area will show information about this API:
      • Parameters section: Includes all of the Input parameters along with documentation and validation
      • Responses section: Includes the output documentation and output parameters

  • To try out the API:

    • Click on the Try it out button

    • Fill in the Parameters (if any)

    • Press the Execute button

    • View the updated Response section

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