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Adding a Genie Macro to the Navigation Menu

The same set of steps can be followed as shown previously in the “Adding Navigation Items” section of the Navigation Panel page, except for a few minor exceptions. First, you need to select “Genie Macro” from the “Action Type” dropdown field. Then, select the macro name (Run Command) created in the previous section. You'll be prompted for the value of the Command variable, which you can fill in now. For example:

This will open a Genie session to the Work with Spooled Files screen, using the example macro from the previous section. 

Genie URL

The default URL used for Genie is:


This can be overridden using the "Genie URL" field. A common use of this is for launching to a specific skin, for example:


URLs used here should not be fully qualified (i.e. should not start with http://myserver), but should rather be local to the Profound UI HTTP server as in the above examples. It's necessary to use /profoundui/auth/genie (rather than /profoundui/genie) to automatically bypass the 5250 sign on display.


If you do not include 'auth' in your Genie URL, you will receive a 'Permission Denied' message (see image below) when you try to run your macro in Atrium. As mentioned previously, it's very important that you include 'auth' in your Genie URL when configuring your macro as a menu item in Atrium. 

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