In Web applications, it is typical to use relative paths for resources, such as images.  However, these relatives paths will not work if your application is running locally on a mobile device, while the images are located on the server.  Profound UI provides a simple solution to resolve the correct path based on the environment the application is running in (directly on the server vs. locally on a mobile device).

On the Mobile Client, Profound UI resolves all common properties that require a resource path automatically.  However, if you're specifying a path using custom JavaScript code or through the use of Apache Cordova, you must manually resolve it through a built-in API called pui.normalizeURL(). For Cordova applications, it can be used in combination with property scripting in Profound UI. For example, when using a background image in a Cordova application, instead of specifying the image location as


You would use

js: pui.normalizeURL("/images/background.png")

For dynamic paths bound to a server-side variable, you can use the Normalize URL formatting option as demonstrated below:

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