The following browser detection properties are available to all scripts:

pui.is_ie;             // Microsoft Internet Explorer
pui.ie_mode;           // Defined only if (is_ie == true)
pui.ie_version;        // Defined only if (is_ie == true)

pui.is_android;        // Indicates an Android device, not necessarily Android browser.
pui.is_chrome;         // Google Chrome
pui.is_firefox;        // Mozilla FireFox
pui.is_opera;          // Opera
pui.is_safari;         // Apple Safari
pui.is_edge;           // Microsoft Edge based on Chromium only, (e.g. "Version 81" or later.)
pui.is_touch;          // Is a touch device such as a mobile phone or tablet
pui.is_mouse_capable;  // The computer or device has a mouse attached

The pui.is_XX flags are Boolean type, and will always be defined. They will be set to true or false, as appropriate. The values pui.ie_version and pui.ie_mode are Number type values which are defined only when pui.is_ie is true. pui.ie_version gives the actual version number of Internet Explorer, and pui.ie_mode gives the Internet Explorer rendering mode. In most situations requiring browser detection, pui.ie_mode is the relevant value.

For example:

if (pui.is_ie && pui.ie_mode < 9) {

  // Do something different for IE8 and below.


See here for a discussion on browser detection.

Note: Support for IE8 and IE9 have been dropped in Profound UI Version 6 Fix Pack 1.0.

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