Profound.js configuration settings are stored in a file named config.js within the Profound.js installation directory. Whenever config.js is modified, you must restart the Profound.js instance for the new configuration to take effect.

The settings are exported as a JavaScript object and can be described in JSON format. The following example shows a typical config.js file:

module.exports = {
  "staticFilesDirectory": "htdocs",
  "pathlist": [
  "initialModules": {
    "/hello": "pjssamples/hello",
    "/connect4": "pjssamples/connect4"
  databaseConnections: [
    name: "default",
    default: true,
    driver: "IBMi"
  "timeout": 3600,
  "port": 8081

Each property within the JSON object represents a Profound.js setting. Available properties are listed as child pages below.

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