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Profound.js modules are units of code that you can call either directly or from another module. This is similar to .exe and .dll files on your PC, or programs and service programs on an IBM i server. Each module is written in JavaScript and saved to a file with a .js extension. The file must be placed within a subdirectory of the modules directory within your Profound.js installation. When used on IBM i, subdirectories of modules map to IBM i libraries. The pathlist or the IBM i library list searches these subdirectories.

In order to create a callable Profound.js module, the JavaScript file you create must export a runable function by specifying the property. The following example shows a skeleton for module code. Every runable module must have a similar setup.

function mytest() {
  // executable code goes here
} = mytest;

Once a module is created, it can be called one of several ways:


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