Similar to charts, FusionWidgets represent numeric data visually. Depending on your application, a widget can be more meaningful than a chart.

All FusionWidgets are Fusion Charts and have the same properties as regular charts.

Using a FusionWidget

There is no separate icon in Profound UI or Genie for FusionWidgets. To use a FusionWidget in Visual Designer or Genie, drag any of the chart widgets (column, line, bar, etc.) onto the canvas/page.

Then change the chart type property to "Other...", and you'll be able to type the name of the widget.

Enter the FusionCharts name of the widget. See the section below, "List of Common Widgets", for the names.

You'll notice the icon of the widget change to a default, generic chart image.

To supply data to the widget you have several options. Please consult the FusionCharts page to learn how to supply data to the chart/widget.

List of Common Widgets

The table below lists some widgets along with the chart type value needed to use it. The value for chart type is case-insensitive.

FusionWidgetvalue for "chart type"Preview
Angular Gaugeangulargauge
Linear Gaugehlineargauge
Horizontal LED Gaugehled
Thermometer Gaugethermometer
Cylinder Gaugecylinder
Funnel Chartfunnel
Pyramid Chartpyramid
Gantt Chartgantt
Spark Chart




Bullet Graphhbullet

All chart/widget names are listed in http://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/getting-started/list-of-charts.html#fusionwidgets-xt. Follow the links on that page for a complete list of possible attributes.


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