This property lets you define CSS properties that will be applied to the widget. These properties are applied inline, and therefore take precedence over those defined in a CSS class. Multiple properties may be provided, separated by a semi-colon.  You can learn more about CSS properties at the following link: If you define CSS properties that are defined by other widget properties, the widget properties overrule the CSS inline properties.

These CSS properties are ignored when put in "inline style" and should be set using the widget properties: "position", "visibility", "display", "left", "right", "top", "bottom", "width", "height".

Inline Style is available with Profound UI Versions 5, Fix Pack 2.0 and later.


Promptable? No

Possible Values: Valid CSS rules separated by semi-colons.

Bindable? Yes (Rich UI only)

Product: ProfoundUI, Genie


This example shows how to apply a CSS style that cannot be set using ProfoundUI widget properties: background gradient.

Start Visual Designer or enter Design Mode in Genie. Select or add a label to the canvas. Look for the "inline style" property, under the Misc category:

Set "inline style" to

background: linear-gradient(#1370A1, #56C0EA) #1370A1;

Unless you are using Internet Explorer 9 or earlier, you should see the label's background change from the default clear to a gradient:

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