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The following are known limitations of the Profound.js Converter at this time:

  • RPG III or lower syntax is not supported. Your RPG code must be in RPG IV (Fixed or Free) format. If you are using the converter with RPG III, please first convert it to RPG IV using the CVTRPGSRC command.
  • Programs that use the old RPG cycle are not supported.
  • Program-described database files are not supported at this time. Support may be added in the future.
  • There is limited support for GOTO/CABxx statements. Node.js and JavaScript do not support the use of GOTO's; therefore, GOTO statements are only handled if the converter can make sense of them. For example, the following scenarios are handled automatically by creating equivalent code that does not use GOTO statements:
    • Going to the start or the end of a loop
    • Go to the end of a subroutine
  • Green-screen display files are not supported. You must first convert your green-screen display file to a Rich Display File using the DDS Conversion Tool and then save it in JSON format within your Profound.js modules directory. The converted program will run in a browser environment rather than a traditional 5250 emulator.


If your programs contain the above, manual work will be required to complete the conversion.

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