Menu items can be filtered based on custom criteria, such as a company number, using these steps:

  • Populate the Menu Items Filter file (ATNAVFP)

  • Add a custom HTML control to the login page that allows the user to set the filter criteria.

Add a record to this file for each desired menu item, user/group, and filter string combination. See Atrium Database for file details. For example:

Menu Item Filter File (ATNAVFP)

These records will cause menu item #1 to be hidden for user/group 10 unless the user selects filter criteria 'COMPANYA'. For the same user/group, menu item #2 will be hidden unless the user selects 'COMPANYB'.

Call the Atrium.setMenuFilter() API to store the user's selection. For example:

<label>Select company:</label>
<select onchange="Atrium.setMenuFilter(this.value);">
  <option value="COMPANYA">Company A</option>
  <option value="COMPANYB">Company B</option>




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