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The Profound.js Converter automatically converts existing RPGLE code into clean Node.js (server-side JavaScript) code. It can work hand-in-hand with the DDS Conversion tool, which converts DDS display files into JSON-based Rich Display Files that run in a browser or a mobile device.

Unlike most code conversion tools, which often produce code that is more convoluted and harder to read, Profound.js actually simplifies programs, and generally creates less lines of code than the original RPG. The converter can also split big monolithic programs into multiple easy-to-manage reusable parts, thus simplifying future maintenance. Each part can be maintained independently and be used as an API or Web Service separate from the original program.

The conversion aims to be as accurate as possible, allowing you to replace any RPG program with a Node.js module while maintaining the integrity of the entire application, so that it can continue to function as it always has.

Click here to see an explanation of the benefits offered by the Profound.js Converter.


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