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Profound.js provides simple apis to access your data on any of the supported databases, without having to write a lot of sql.

Some of the capabilities include:

  • Read/Write/Update/Delete capabilities
  • Fetching records sequentially in either direction
  • Fetching records by key
  • Multi-part keys
  • Use of data structures to fetch and update data
  • Use of global record format fields to fetch and update data
  • Options for qualified and non-qualified access
  • Key data structures
  • Updating fields selectively
  • Top-down transactional I/O without requiring callbacks
  • Access to INFDS (Information Data Structure) values
  • Prepared statements
  • Immediately executed statements
  • Parameter binding
  • Custom connection attributes
  • Remote connections

For more information about RLA capabilities, see Record Level Access API.


Below are not supported:

  • Override database file is not supported
  • Using files with level checking is not supported
  • QTEMP library/schema is not supported
  • Record Locking is not supported
  • Fetching records by relative record number is not supported
  • Commit and Rollback is not supported
  • Some of the INFDS (Information Data Structure) fields are not supported



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