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You can use the steps below to verify that your installation was successful.


Check if instance is running

On IBM i, use the following command to make sure your Profound.js instance is running:


You should see your instance as an active job under the PROFOUNDJS subsystem. If you do not see your instance, you can attempt to start it.

Try sample modules

Next, you can try the Profound.js sample modules. Profound.js ships with a modules subdirectory called pjssamples that contains several sample Profound.js modules. You are welcome to review the code within pjssamples. Files with the .json extension can be opened using the Visual Designer, while .html and .js files can viewed using any file viewer or editor.

Your default configuration provides the following alias URLs you can try (substitute host and port based on your installation of Profound.js; if Profound.js installed on your PC, use localhost):

  • http://host:port/connect4

    This should bring up the Four in a Row Battle game written with Profound.js, using using a Profound UI Rich Display interface.

  • http://host:port/hello

    This should bring up a simple HTML-based Hello World screen.
  • http://host:port/hello2

    This bring up a simple Rich Display-based Hello World screen.

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