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Specifies the default mode used when declaring rich display files and record level access database files. There are 2 possible values:

  • "case-sensitive"
  • "compatibility"

Compatibility mode makes field names case insensitive by defining all file fields in lower case.

There are several reasons why “compatibility” mode is necessary (especially when converting existing RPG applications): 

  • Field names in DDS-converted Rich Display Files are not case sensitive by default. 
  • The displays made with Visual Designer for RPG OA are not case sensitive, because RPG is not a case sensitive language. So, in order to reuse the same displays for RPG and Node.js without having to recreate and/or adjust everything for Node.js usage, we use “compatibility” mode.
  • It is not uncommon to have the same field name appear in different types of declarations. The same field can appear in a declared physical file, a declared display file, and/or declared as a global field in a data structure – it is often important that all of these occurrences are treated as the same field.

Click here for information on how to modify this setting.

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