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This property is used to provide the default pathlist. The pathlist is specified as an array of directories to search.

pathlist: [ "dir1", "dir2", "dir3" ]

The concept of a pathlist is similar to a library list in an IBM i job. Note, when Profound.js modules are called from Genie, the pathlist is inherited directly from the library list of a Genie job and the "pathlist" configuration setting is ignored.

The pathlist is used to search directory paths for Node.js modules within the modules directory of the Profound.js instance. It is used by API, such, when a module name is unqualified.

When calling a module via a URL alias, for a Profound.js instance installed on an IBM i system, the pathlist is used to locate database files located within libraries. The module will use the entries in the pathlist as if they are libraries in a library list. Using the pathlist in the example above, the module will have access to the files located in the "dir1" library (if the library exists) without using qualified filed names.

Click here for information on how to modify this setting.

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