This option was added in Profound.js 6

This setting controls the lifetime of WebSocket connections from the PJSCALL command/program and Profound.js proxy programs to the Profound.js server. The IBM i-side programs/commands keep the WebSocket connection open for the duration of the activation group. If the IBM i job becomes idle, this can result in the connection remaining open for long periods of time. This setting controls the time after which the server will close the connection if there is no activity on the socket.

The IBM i programs/commands will automatically reconnect if the job becomes active again after the server closes the connection. The purpose of this option is just to allow the server to cleanup long idle or potentially broken connections.

The value is specified in milliseconds, the default value is 600000 (10 minutes).

Note: This setting is for advanced use only. The default value should be optimal in most scenarios.


"pjscallSocketTimeout": 300000

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