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When Rich Display Files are saved to DDS, the default usage for all fields is H=Hidden. This causes RPG to generate input and output specs for that field. This could break compatibility with existing programs that use constants or data areas for fields, since these require that there be no input specs. The OUTPUT keyword can prevent this problem. When the OUTPUT keyword is used, the Visual Designer will generate the field as O=Output, and therefore RPG will not generate any input specs for the field. 

The feature requires Profound UI 5.10.0 or newer. 


There are two different ways you can use the OUTPUT keyword:

  1. You can use this keyword with any field on your screen using the binding dialog. If you press the 'Keywords' button near the bottom of the binding dialog window, you can add the keyword 'OUTPUT'. Below is an example: 

  2. You can use this keyword in your custom DDS conversion theme. You have the ability to add a rule to your custom conversion theme that would add this keyword wherever it is needed. You can find more information on conversion themes here
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