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This is a single line text entry field. The initialization value is set by the 'value' property. The 'value' property is also used to receive input in a Rich UI application through field binding.

Validation (Rich UI Only)

Please visit the Validation and Error Messages page.

Field Binding Dialog (Rich UI Only)

Please visit the Field Binding page.

Input Type (Rich UI Only)

The 'input type' property can be used to set the 'type' attribute of the HTML <input> element that is rendered for the textbox. Input types are primarily useful for mobile applications, as the mobile device will display a different version of the keypad based on the value (i.e. numeric entry, telephone number, etc.) However, some of these options are supported by HTML5 capable browsers. If this field is not set a standard textbox element will be used by default.


URL - The url type is for input fields containing a URL address. For mobile browsers this field allows your device to recognize the email type and change the on-screen keyboard to match (giving .com options depending on the device).

Auto-Complete Choices

Auto-complete allows your textbox field to automatically suggest choices based on text entered into the textbox.


2. Database-Driven Auto-Complete - See Database-Driven Auto-Complete section below.

Database-Driven Auto-Complete

This section allows choices/values to be retrieved from a database file.


This property when set to true looks for records that contain your search text. When set to false the query looks for your at the start of the records to match your search text. The default for this is set to false.

Dynamic Auto-Complete

Choices URL

The choices URL property allows you to use an external program to return your choice options and values by passing them using JSON formatting. A PHP script would be one example of a custom program used to pass the values to your application. When using the choices URL property, all database-driven auto-complete properties are ignored.