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Starting with Mobile Client version 2.8.4, hyperlinks are handled differently than before, due to a change in the Cordova InAppBrowser plugin. In the past, the plugin redefined `` open to ``open, so that links would pass through the plugin. This no longer occurs, which means that calls to `` open truly go to ``open, and window targets of `_blank` blank or `_system` system have no effect. The result is that hyperlinks coded as `, ...)` will now open inside the mobile client window itself, with no way to return to the previous screen. To resolve this, use `` open instead of ``open. `, '_blank')` will open the URL in a window inside the mobile client, with a Done button to close the window and return to your screen. `, '_system')` will leave your app and open the URL inside of the system browser (e.g., Safari). See for more information.