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<!-- REMEMBER! A template can not currently be reapplied. If you want to start over, you'll need to create a new page. Not everything in this template will be used for every API page, it's meant to be a quick format setup. Content can be added and removed as needed after filling out what you want of the form and clicking 'Next', which takes you to the editor. Be aware of where you are putting the page! If you put it in the wrong place, you can go to and drag'n'drop it at the proper place in the tree. Some of the columns have odd widths, widths are just suggestions in confluence for some reason. If two columns have the same width, they will take up equal-ish space. Any questions on how to use a template, feel free to ask Megan. All HTML notes can be deleted or changed as needed. Everything can be copied and pasted as needed. EXAMPLE OF FINISHED PAGE: pjs.query() -->


About this error message

Users will encounter this error message when attempting to use a feature of Profound.js that connects to an IBM i or external database, but have not first logged into a valid IBM i session. To correct this issue, make sure a valid IBM i connection is created prior to using the Profound.js feature that connects to the IBM i or external database.

There are 2 common scenarios where users will encounter this error message: a module is configured as a web service but no connection details were provided (connectorURL, connectorCredentials, etc.), or the Profound.js server is hosted on a non IBM i platform, like a Windows PC, and the instance was not configured to connect to an instance hosted on an IBM i.



Table of Contents

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