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  • name - property name
  • type - type of property; possible values are:
    • color - provides for a pop-up dialog for selecting a color
    • boolean - applicable for true/false properties
    • image - provides for a pop-up dialog to browse for an image on the IFS
    • list - asks the user to enter a comma separated list; provides for a pop-up dialog to help enter or maintain the list
    • js - JavaScript event
    • file - database file
    • field - database field
    • long - long entry field; provides for a pop-up dialog with a text area to maintain the property
  • help - help text to display at the bottom of the Properties Window in the designer
  • controls - an array of base widget names this property will be applicable to
  • category - the category name to under which the property will appear in the Properties Window; all properties must be categorized; if the specified category doesn't already exist, it is automatically created
  • choices - an array of valid choices to allow the user to select the property value; a special choice of "Other..." will allow the user to specify a custom value that does not appear on the list
  • readOnly - if set to true, the value cannot be changed in the designer; however, it may be bound to a variable
  • hideFormatting - if set to true, the formatting options cannot be selected on the binding dialog
  • Wiki MarkupvalidDataTypes - an array that limits the data types that the property can be bound to; for example: validDataTypes: \ validDataTypes: ["indicator", "char", "zoned"\]
  • format - default formatting for the property, such as "px" for pixels, "number" for a Number, or "somevalue / someothervalue" for Indicator formatting
  • translate - if set to true, the property can be populated from a phrase in the translation dictionary