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  • AUTH = Only in Profound UI. Profound UI session id
  • workspace_id = Only in Profound.js Spaces. Represents the workspace id.
  • reverse = Specified only for reverse lookups. Set to 1 for reverse lookup, unset otherwise.
  • value = Specified only for reverse lookups. Set to the value that the choice text is needed for.
  • limit = The maximum number of "results" that are expected.
  • query = Characters typed into box to query for. Not provided for reverse lookups.

Click here for an example of writing a choices url web service in RPG using the Profound UI universal display interface.



Initiates a client-side script when a selection is made form the selection list of an auto-complete textbox or a combo box. In the case of an auto-complete textbox, the selected record is passed to the function as a JSON object that has properties named after the selected fields.
Promptable? YES
Possible Values: Any valid JavaScript code
Bindable? YES
Product: Profound UI, Genie