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Profound UI automatically handles validation and prevents submissions to RPG if validation is unsuccessful. Fields which are given a field data type and formatting automatically detect if the value entered is valid and can generate a tool tip error if they are not correct.

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Validation Properties


Validate name - This property is used to validate a simple name. Using this property requires the first character to be $, #, @@, or A through Z. Any remaining characters must be alphanumeric ($, #, @, A through Z, 0 through 9 or underscore ( _ ), and cannot contain embedded blanks.


Enhanced mode - When this is checked, it allows error messages to display without ERRMSG/ERRMSGID-type restrictions. This means errors will display regardless of whether a format is already on the screen, and any output data is also sent. (This is the recommended mode.)

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Bypassing Validation

There may be times when you want to bypass validation such as for cancel or exit buttons. You can bypass this client side validation by using the bypass validation property. Setting this property, you can allow exit or cancel buttons to not trigger validation and clear the data entered. This property also has additional settings to allow any data entered to bypass validation and submit to the RPG application if desired.