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Properties and Usage

Code Block
// The object contains many properties, but 
// here are a few useful ones used as examples 
// of how to retrieve the property value in 
// JavaScript.
// Retrieve the element id of the selected 
// subfile record.
var ddID = pui.dragDropInfo["dd element id"];
// Retrieve the relative record number of the 
// selected element to drag/drop.
var ddRecNum = pui.dragDropInfo["dd record number"];
// Returns the target element id of the where 
// the selection is to be dropped.
var targetID = pui.dragDropInfo["target element id"];    
// Returns the relative record number of where 
// the selection is after it has been dropped.
var targetRecNum = pui.dragDropInfo["target record number"];

// Log values to browser console to see values.
  "DD Element ID:", ddID, 
  "\nDD Element Record Number:", ddRecNum, 
  "\nDD Target Record Number:", targetID, 
  "\nDD Target Record Number:", targetRecNum