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API Overview

The pui.getAllScreenProps() API retrieves Retrieves all of the screen-level properties of a record format.


Available in Version 5, Fix Pack 14.0 or later.




  • Record Format Name (optional)




Return Value

  1. If record format name is passed:
    1. An object that contains all of the screen-level properties
    2. False, if record format name could not be found

  2. An array of objects each representing each record format currently displayed
  3. False, if no record format is found



Code Block
titleTitle of Example CodeRetrieve Array of Displayed Record Formats
 var recs = pui.getAllScreenProps();         // returns an array of record formats that are currently dispalyeddisplayed.
 var userData = rec[0]['user defined data']; // returns the value of the user defined data property for the first record in the recs array.

Code Block
titleRetrieve Object of Record Format Properties
 var myRec = pui.getAllScreenProps('CTL');   // returns an object containing all the defined screen properties for the 'CTL' record format.
 var userData = myRec['user defined data'];  // returns the value of the user defined data property.