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Starting with Profound UI Version 6, we have included the ability to dynamically hide and show columns of a subfile grid. The images below demonstrate this feature. 

You can set this option for your grid by using the 'hide columns option' property in the Visual Designer. In order to turn this on for your grid, you should set this option to true. See below: 

We have also included two new grid methods to hide and show columns, respectively: grid.hideColumn() and grid.showColumn().  

In addition, if your grid has the 'Export to Excel' option, there is another optional grid setting that will export only the visible columns. Note that the grid setting that exports only visible columns does not work for database-driven grids.



Note that if you are using the 'hide columns option' along with the 'movable columns' option, there is certain behavior you should be aware of. If you hide a column in your grid and then move a visible column, showing the hidden column again will place the column at the end of the grid. This behavior will only happen if you move any visible columns after hiding a column. If you do not move any columns, then showing any hidden columns will place that column in the previous location it was in prior to hiding it.