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Similar to the global pui["gridSort"] function configuration option. The sort function can be used to customize the client side grid column sort. Unlike the pui["gridSort"] function, function is only defined for the screen level rather than global. 

The following variables are passed to this function:

  • value1 = first field value to compare.
  • value2 = second field value to compare.
  • fieldName = name of the field that the grid is sorted by.
  • isDescending = true if sorting in descending sequence, false otherwise.
  • fieldDateFormat = date format of the field that the grid is sorted by, if the field is not a date null will be passed instead.
  • fieldInfo= formatting information of the field that the grid is sorted by; if the field does not contain any formatting information, a blank object will be passed instead.
    • Some of the properties in the field info are:
      • dataType - the field data type
      • dataLength - data length (only present if the field is a character or a numeric field)
      • formatting - field formatting
  • multiFields= When a multiple-column sort runs, this is an array of information about each column included in the sort. The first preferred sort column is the first entry in the array; the second preferred column is second; etc. This argument is undefined when the sort is for a single column. (Available in Version 6, Fix Packs later than 2.1)
    • Properties of each object are the same as described above:
      • fieldName
      • fieldFormat
      • fieldDateFormat
      • value1
      • value2

This function could be used to control the order numerals and characters are sorted.


The function code should go directly into the "sort function" property. For example:

Code Block
return value2 - value1;

If the "sort function" were to be applied via applyProperty, this would be the syntax:

Code Block
applyProperty('Grid1', 'sort function', 'return value2 - value1;')



Available in Version 6, Fix Pack 1.0 and later