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titleBefore you start!

This document assumes that you have already installed Profound.js onto your IBM i, and that you have installed VS Code onto your local workstation. You can find more detailed installation instructions for Profound.js here, and you can find more detailed installation instructions for VS Code here. This tutorial was written for what was at the time the most recent version of SSH FS, some steps may look different if you are using a newer version of SSH FS then when this tutorial was written.


You can use any text editor you prefer with Profound.js; however, this walk-through illustrates using VS Code with a third-party extension built for VS Code. Profound Logic Software cannot guarantee that this particular third party extension will always be available for VS Code, and is not responsible for any issues that may arise from using the SSH FS extension. This document is intended to show an example of how you can use extensions in VS Code to access your Profound.js files directly on your IFS.

VS Code: The What and Why

VS Code is a cross-platform, multi-language code editor. With inline IntelliSense, debugging support for multiple languages, inline git support and an extensible API for plugins, it's the editor that has no boundaries.


VS Code: The Walkthrough

VS Code Remote Editing Setup

After installing VS Code, the first step to enable editing of remote IFS files would be to install the SSH FS extension from the Extensions tab.