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This function posts Posts data to a new url.  When a url URL.

titlePotential to Lose Current Session

When a URL address changes in a standard Genie or Profound UI Rich Display File session, the session is lost, which is why, in Profound UI, this function is generally used with


URLs that provide for a file download


instead of an application.


  • url the url to which the data will be postedparm1 – post data to URL specified in this parameter
  • parm1 (optional) – the first parameter’s name name 
  • value1 (Optionaloptional)value1 –  – the first parameter’s value value 
  • parm2 (Optionaloptional)parm2 –  – the second parameter’s name name 
  • value2 (Optionaloptional)value2 –  – the second parameter’s value (Optional)value