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  • API file name must end with .api.json – example: customers.api.json (not case sensitive)
  • API file must be within a Profound.js Workspace or within a directory that is included on the pathlist

Using Low-code steps and Plugins to build the API Logic: 

  • See more information on Low-code Steps and Plugins
  • You can use the Database tab and generate a Table API.  Notice the different plugins and how they are put together to build a routine.
  • There are many shipped plugins; you can build your own as well.
  • The Low-code designer allows for:
    • Add new steps by clicking on the "Add Step...", choose the type of plugin, and answer its questions.
    • And you can move around steps or brackets with drag and drop.

Document your APIs:

  • Both for yourself and for the consumer.
  • On the General Information panel, you can provide some level of information such as category, tag, summary and description and output description.
  • On the Input and Output Parameter panels, you can provide a description to any parameter.
  • This information is bundled up into an OpenAPI specification document.