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Valid A valid API files must follow these rules:

1) Filename API file name must end with .api.json – example - Customers.api.json  - it is not case sensitive

2) When API file must be within a directory that is in the pathlist - not applicable when using Profound.js – Only the API files within the pathlist are severedWhen you save your Spaces

When saving an API file, they are it is then available for other systems to access them.

Within the designer, on the Home ribbon choose "API Options" and click "API Documentation".

This will open a new browser tab with all of your systems APIs.  This page is using many of the open source tool from Swagger UI.

This is the URL you could provide to other systems so that they can call your API's and read your documentationand ready to be called.  It uses Hot module reloading.

Be sure to test your API – Warning this will run your logic