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  • name: (String/required): A unique name that will be used to refer to the database connection using the pjs.getDB() API, or by using properties in the Designer.
  • default: (Boolean/optional): If set to true, this connection will be the default. Only one connection can be marked as default. If no connections are marked as default, then the first connection in the array will be the default.
  • driver: (String/required): Valid values are "IBMi" (DB2 for IBM i), "mysql" (MySQL/MariaDB), "mssql" (Microsoft SQL Server), "oracledb" (Oracle Database) and "jsonDB" (Profound.js JSON database). The corresponding driver package must be installed separately in order to use "mysql", "mssql", and "oracledb". See the NPM pages for mysql, mssql, and oracledb for installation instructions.
  • driverOptions: (Object/optional): This value is optional for the IBMi driver, invalid for the jsonDB driver, and required for the mysql, mssql, and oracledb drivers.