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When developing API, you will have some APIs that need to perform at their very bestSome APIs you develop will have strict performance requirements.

With integrated API Statistics built in and a mass API test tool you can discover potential bottlenecks within your business logic, database indexes, and even Application Infrastructure.

Performance testing is very similar to manual testing, with a key difference of using a tool to call your API in mass and under difference scenarios.

Load testing and stress testing are other types of tests you perform to find the benchmarks of your Application Infrastructure.

I recommend a tool called Artillery.  It A useful tool for stress testing and determining benchmarks is Artillery, which allows mass calling of your APIs along with configurable scenarios.


  1. Navigate to the Profound.js IDE
  2. Open the API file 
  3. At the bottom right, change to the Stats tab
    To view all of your API globally, you can use the API Dashboard, it includes all of this plus much more.


On the top-right hand corner of this tab, there are refresh buttons, refresh now, auto-refresh paused, auto-refresh every 1 second, 10 seconds, 30 seconds and every minute.

These statistics are being collected , automatically , through the Profound.js service.