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  • name – a unique name to identify the plugin; this name will be saved to the Rich Display JSON to identify the plugin when it is selected
  • text – the title of the plugin that will be visible to the user
  • defaultDescription - the default description to use if the user does not describe a step
  • category – plugins are categorized for convenience; choose an existing category name or provide a new name; if a new name is provided, a new category will be created
  • clientSide – setting this to true indicates that this is a client-side plugin and the generated code should execute on the client rather than the server
  • context - optionally restricts the plugin to a specific context; you can specify "rdf" for Rich Display File development or "api" for API development
  • structure – setting this to true indicates that this is a condition or loop structure that encompasses other steps in the routine
  • help – help text that should appear when the user clicks the ? icon on the dialog
  • questions – an array of questions to ask the user; see below
  • generator – a function that receives a list of the user's answers, as a JavaScript object keyed by question id's, and returns generated code in String format