The Translation Placeholders (widget-level) property was added in Profound UI Versions 6 Fix Pack 20.0 and later. 

The Translation Placeholders (widget-level) property allows you to define values to replace into translations set for widgets.  This property will supersede any other translation placeholder properties defined in the screen or grid widget.  For example:  If you have a screen-level translation placeholder set with the key (&user) and a widget-level translation placeholder property set to the same key (&user), then the value of the widget-level translation placeholder property will display when the application is ran.  The widget-level property will only apply to translations set within the same widget that the widget-level Translation Placeholder.  Otherwise, the widget-level Translation Placeholders property works exactly the same as the screen-level Translation Placeholders property. 

This property is included on all widgets except the grid widget.  To use translation placeholders on the grid widget properties, use the screen-level Translation Placeholders instead. 

For more information on how to use the Translation Placeholders property, see here: Translation Placeholders

For more information on how to use translations, see here: International Language Support (Translations)

Promptable? YES
Possible Values: N/A
Bindable? YES
Products: ProfoundUI

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