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This is a very simple text entry field used for input/output.

The 'value' property is where you set a initialized value for the textbox. Whatever you place inside the 'value' will be present when the textbox is displayed.

Validation (Rich UI Only)

This section contains the properties for creating client side validation for textboxes. Here you can set properties requiring a textbox to have a specific value entered or simply require if the field is filled out.

Field Binding Dialog (Rich UI Only)

The textbox field is also able to have program fields bound to it. To bind a field to an RPG program field click the button next to the property and enter the formatting of the field.

After the Bind button is clicked:

Input Type (Rich UI Only)

These properties are used to specify an input type for the textbox. These are primarily used for mobile purposes, but are supported by HTML5 capable browsers.If this field is not set a standard textbox element will be used by default.

Database-Driven Auto-Complete

This section allows the correct choices to be retrieved from a Database file. In order to use this, simply enter the name of the database file, the name of the choice option field, and the name of the choice value field. 
The selection criteria can be used to filter the choices similar to an SQL WHERE clause. There is no need to qualify the database file name with a library name, although you can if required. Once the file name has been entered, the "..."  button in the choice options and choice value fields will open the dialog box shown below. This dialog lists all the fields in the specified file allowing easy selection of the correct field names.

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