This API returns a true or false flag indicating whether the server is busy in a Profound UI Rich Display or a Genie session.

A return value of false indicates that a Profound UI Rich Display or Genie screen has been received from the server and successfully rendered by the client-side framework.

A return value of true indicates that a request has been submitted to the server and the Profound UI client-side framework is still waiting for or processing a response. The API will also return true if a Profound UI screen contains iframes running other Profound UI screens that are busy.


function nextStep() {
  // code for next step goes here
function tryNextStep() {
	// wait until server is not busy before proceeding to the next step
	if (pui.isServerBusy()) {
		// check again in 1/4th of a second
		setTimeout(function() {
		}, 250);
	else {