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The lookupLE() method finds an element in a simple array or a data structure array that is less than or equal to the argument provided.

  1. Argument - value to search for
  2. Start Index - position to start searching from
  3. Element Count - number of elements to search from the starting position
  4. Subfield (optional) - if searching a data structure array, specifies which subfield should the function look up
Return Value

Returns 0 if no matching element is found; otherwise, the element index is returned.


  pjs.define("NumIndex", { type: 'unsigned integer', length: 3, decimals: 0 });
  pjs.define("arr", { type: 'char', length: 1, dim: 10, orderby: 'ASCEND' });

  arr[1] = 'A';
  arr[2] = 'C';
  arr[3] = 'C';
  arr[4] = 'C';
  arr[5] = 'E';
  arr[6] = 'E';
  arr[7] = 'G';
  arr[8] = 'L';
  arr[9] = 'J';
  arr[10] = 'V';

  NumIndex = arr.lookupLE('D', 1, 10);

RPG Equivalent