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This API fetches the record specified by the search argument from the file.


  • search argument
    The value can be a number, string, or array value specifying a relative record number (RRN), key value, or list of key values (array of number/string).

  • don't lock (optional)
    boolean true can be passed to avoid locking the record if the file is open for update/delete. If this parameter is set to boolean false or omitted records will be locked for update/delete files.

  • record format name (optional)
    A string value specifying the record format name can be passed.

  • input data structure (optional)
    A Profound.js data structure reference can be passed. 
    (info) If specified, the referenced data structure will be populated with the record data. If the data structure is not qualified, you must wrap the parameter with the pjs.ds() API.


RPG Equivalent


Exception Handling

An Error instance will be thrown with the following properties:

  • message - The message text.
  • error - The message id.
  • help - The message help text.


Retrieve record with first key key equal to 101
pjs.defineTable("myfile", { keyed: true, read: true });
if (myfile.found())

Video Tutorial