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This method is used for passing parameters by value with


  1. Value - The value to pass. 
  2. Config - A configuration object of the format used by pjs.define()

Or (alternative use)...

  1. Field name - A String containing the name of a Profound.js field.

Return Value

An object that can be passed to to pass by value.


Call an IBM i Program with By-Value Parameter
const input = 123;"mypgm", pjs.parm(input, { type: "packed decimal", length: 7, decimals: 2 })); 
Call an IBM i Program with By-Value Parameter, Using a Field Name
pjs.define("input", {type: "packed decimal", length: 7, decimals: 2, initValue: 123});"mypgm", pjs.parm("input"));


RPG Equivalent