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This method returns a data structure's sub-field values in an array, which is suitable for use as the search argument for the file.positionTo()file.positionAfter()file.getRecord()file.fetchNextEqual()file.fetchPreviousEqual(), and file.delete() APIs. 


1. Data structure - A reference to a data structure defined with pjs.define(), or a String containing the name of a data structure.

Return Value

An array of sub-field values.


Position to record using key data structure
pjs.define("keyDS", { type: "data structure", qualified: true, elements: {
  "key1": { type: "packed decimal", length: 3, decimals: 0 },
  "key2": { type: "packed decimal", length: 3, decimals: 0 }
keyDS.key1 = 100;
keyDS.key2 = 200;
pjs.defineTable("mytable", { keyed: true, read: true });

RPG Equivalent 



This API requires the Profound.js Connector module.