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This API wraps an asynchronous function so that it can be called in a top-down manner within a fiber.  

The API assumes that the function accepts a callback as its last parameter in the following format:

function(error, response)

This is typical for virtually all asynchronous Node.js requests.

The API can also accept an object which contains a set of asynchronous functions, in which case it will act the same as the pjs.fiber.wrapAll() API.


  • asynchronous function
  • this argument (optional)
    (info) Typically, the parent object of the function is passed; this is required if internally the function uses the this keyword.

Alternative Parameters

  • object containing asynchronous functions

Return Value

A top-down function is returned.

Exception Handling

If the callback receives an error object, an error is thrown.


pjs.wrap() is a shortcut for pjs.fiber.wrap().


Wrap fs.readFile in a fiber
const fs = require('fs');
var readFile = pjs.wrap(fs.readFile);
var text = readFile("somefile.txt", 'utf8');
Wrap all fs API in a fiber
const fs = pjs.wrap(require('fs'));
var text = fs.fiber.readFile("somefile.txt", 'utf8');

Video Tutorial