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The and the Fiber.yield() methods allow you to wrap or call non-standard asynchronous functions in a top-down manner to run in a fiber. It is used on asynchronous functions whose callbacks are not the last parameter or are not in the following format:

  • function(error, response)

For standard Node.js asynchronous functions, pjs.fiber.wrap() or will be simpler to use.


The method accepts a return value as a parameter. fiber is derived from Fiber.current outside of the asynchronous callback.

The Fiber.yield() method accepts no parameters.

Return value

The Fiber.yield() method returns the value passed to the method.


const Fiber = require('profoundjs-fibers');
function wait(sec) {
  var fiber = Fiber.current;
  if (fiber == null) {
    // This would normally never happen
    // Unless an asynchronous process was launched without using one of the Fiber API
    // In Profound.js, you should always use Fiber API to call an asynchronous process
    throw new Error("There is no fiber running.");
  setTimeout(function() {"Successfully waited " + sec + " seconds!");
  }, sec * 1000);
  return Fiber.yield();
var returnValue = wait(5);
console.log(returnValue);  // This outputs: Successfully waited 5 seconds!