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The some() method tests whether some records in the grid pass the test implemented by the provided function.



  1. Callback function that receives the following arguments:
    1. Record object with properties for each field in the grid
    2. Index - the zero-based index of the current grid record being processed
    3. Records array - array representing all of the grid records

The function must return true when the test condition is met.


Return Value

Returns true if the callback function returns a true value for some of the grid records; otherwise, false.



pjs.defineDisplay("display.json");  // assume display.json defines mygrid with fields named "product", "description", and "quantity"
  { product: 1, description: "ITEM ONE", quantity: 15 },
  { product: 2, description: "ITEM TWO", quantity: 20 },
  { product: 3, description: "ITEM THREE", quantity: 12 },
  { product: 4, description: "ITEM FOUR", quantity: 18 }

// Check if some of the grid records have a 0 or lower quantity
var returnValue = display.mygrid.every(function(record) {
  return (record.quantity <= 0);
console.log(returnValue);  // Outputs false