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This API downloads a physical database file, along with its related logical files, to a jsonDB database table, which can then be accessed by the application while it runs offline without a connection to IBM i.

The table is placed into a modules subdirectory that matches the database file's library name. The data is stored in files named as follows: FILE.db.json, where FILE is the name of the original physical or logical file. If files already exist, they are replaced by the API.

Both the file's data and the definition is downloaded.


  1. Physical file name - the name can be qualified with a library; if a library is not specified, the library list is used


Download Order Data
// Download Order database tables for offline Order Entry
function getorders() {
  pjs.downloadTable("ORDERSHP");  // download Order Header File
  pjs.downloadTable("ORDERSDP");  // download Order Detail File
} = getorders;


This API requires the Profound.js Connector module.