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This API is called from a command line script to update the copy of Profound UI used by Profound.js. This should only be used on a non-IBM i system because the proper way to install Profound UI on IBM i is by downloading the Windows Executable (GUI) Installer or the Save File (5250) Installer from

The API will first check if the an updated version of Profound UI is available. If an update is available, the user is prompted with an option to download the update. Once the download completes, it is extracted into the configured directory as specified by the staticFilesDirectory setting.

Profound.js ships with a script named updatepui.js that provides for a simple way to use this API. You can call it like this:

node updatepui



// Load Profound.js
var profoundjs = require("profoundjs");

// Apply configuration
var config = require("./config.js");

// Try updating Profound UI