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API Overview

The pjs.sendRequest() API is used to send requests to web services.


  • Object options/String requestType
    If you pass a string, you can pass the request type (get, post). If you pass an object, it will be passed into the request module API (see module API options). If an object is passed, you do not need to pass any other parameters.
  • String URL
    The endpoint to your web service.
  • String|Object Body (optional)
    The body of the request. If you pass in an object, it will send the request in JSON and it will also return JSON. Otherwise, it will pass as text and return a String.

Return Value

Object / String The response body.

Exception Handling

This API will throw an exception if the HTTP request couldn't be completed (such as for a networking problem), or if the HTTP request completes with a status code of 400 or higher.


Example of General Use
var result = pjs.sendRequest("post", "", {key: 'value'});
//Advanced, using request API options
result = pjs.sendRequest({
      method: "POST",
      uri: "",
      body: {key: 'value'},
      json: true,
	  timeout: 5000,
      time: true