This API returns a drag-and-drop proxy element for a styled button based on a set of default styled button properties.  It should be used on the proxyHTML configuration option of the pui.toolbox.add() API.


  • defaults object - list of default properties for the styled button; the defaults object is automatically provided by the pui.toolbox.add() API so it can be used with the proxyHTML configuration option


  category: "Custom Widgets",
  widget: "styled button",
  text: "Custom Styled Button",
  icon: "/profoundui/proddata/images/buttons/Custom Button/icon.png",

  proxyHeight: 23,
  proxyWidth: 125,
  proxyHTML: function(defaults) {
    return pui.widgets.getStyledButtonProxy(defaults);

  defaults: {
    "button style": "Custom Button",
    "width": "125px",
    "color": "#000000"