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This function allows you to show a Rich Display File screen outside of the normal Profound UI session flow. It can be used to build stateless or offline applications.


  • config object - JavaScript object containing configuration properties

Configuration Options:

  • path - path to an IFS file, local file packaged within PhoneGap, or any URL containing the meta definition of a Rich Display File; can also point to a DDS source member using the format LIBRARY/FILE(SOURCE)
  • method - HTTP method used to retrieve the path (optional); if not specified, the "POST" method is used
  • meta - JavaScript object containing the meta definition; used as an alternative to path
  • screen - the name of the record format to display
  • screens - an array of formats to display at one time; used as an alternative to format
  • data - JavaScript object containing the name/value pairs of the data to populate to the screen
  • handler - JavaScript function to handle the response from the user; the function will receive a response object containing name/value pairs for response data, including input filled out by user and any buttons or hyperlinks clicked on by user
  • transition - provides a screen transition animation by specifying an object with the following properties:
    • animation - identifies the CSS class for the screen transition animation (e.g. slide-right, slide-left, slide-down, slide-up, fade, zoom-in, zoom-out)
    • screen - specifies whether the previous screen is animated away to reveal the new screen ("previous") or the new screen is animated on top of the previous screen ("new"); if not specified, the default value is "new"
    • overlay - determines if both the previous and the newly rendered screen should remain after the animation completes; this is useful in presenting a mobile pop-up menu screen or similar; defaults to false if not specified
      These properties override the Transition Animation properties defined in the Rich Display screen definition. 
  • container - alternate DIV container to render the display into


The following function displays the Hello World record format without any RPG coding, using JavaScript only.

var data = { "TXTNAME": "" };  // initialize data for the screen

function hello() {{
    //path: "/helloScreen.json",  // get meta definition from IFS path
    path: "PUISAMPLES/QDDSSRC(HELLO002D)",  // get meta definition from DDS source member
    data: data,
    handler: function(response) {
      pui.applyResponse(data, response);  // update data object based on response 
                                          //so that the data redisplays when the screen is shown again
      if (response["BTNEXIT"] == "1") {  // exit button was pressed
        alert("Good Bye");
        document.body.innerHTML = "";  // clear the screen
      else {
        data["NAME"] = "Hello " + data["TXTNAME"];  // greet the person
        hello();  // redisplay the screen

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